Roni Tochner Jewelry - Making your dream a reality.

At RTJ, we take pride in creating the most unique custom-made jewelry for our customers according to their specific wishes. We take your wildest dreams and work within your budget to make them a reality. Whether an engagement ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings; send us photos or videos of your inspiration if you have any, a detailed explanation of what you’d like created and your target budget, and we’ll create a 3-D rendering for you and send you a quote free of charge.

The world is your oyster as your possibilities are limitless. You may use precious colourful stones, earth-mined or lab-grown diamonds, gold, platinum and unique mixes. There are no rules! If you see something on Pinterest, Instagram or elsewhere that you like but it’s outside of your budget; our creative team will work within your budget to create something as similar as possible. If you’re creative and you have a design in mind that you haven’t seen before, do your best to describe what you’d like to create in your own words and perhaps attach some sort of illustration, and we’ll start working on 3-D renderings till we reach the exact picture you have in your head.

Fill out the form below to get your free quote! Our team will reach out to you to make sure we get everything done to perfection up to the smallest details.