With her passion for helping others through art, Roni Tochner began her career as a movement therapist in New York. Today she is a jeweler with a thriving collection that’s purpose is to do just that.

The story of Roni Tochner Jewelry began in the early 2000’s as a second career. Roni has a master’s degree in movement therapy and until the year 2000, she was a movement clinician with a clinic in the United States. In 2000, she began to study gold-smithing as a hobby, and after 20 years in the US, she returned to Israel with her family and continued studying jewelry craftsmenship at Yael Shakedi's jewelry workshop. Since, Roni has continuously participated in various courses in antique jewelry and modern jewelry in New York and Tel-Aviv.



The hobby evolved into a full-time business when she built her first studio in the heart of Tel-Aviv. In addition to the design of her jewelry, the beautiful studio was home to many other cultural events such as art exhibitions, book launches and more.

Since then, she has opened her flagship store in the bustling streets of central Tel-Aviv. The current pandemic however put a strain on the ability to share her jewelry with the many around the world. This emphasized the need to bridge this gap through the launch of her first online store in December 2021.



Roni’s jewelry collection is characterized by colorful gemstones designed as clusters, combined with gold and diamonds. Her true uniqueness however is her combination of the latest technology and trends in jewelry-making with the old characteristics of ancient gold-smithing.

Her understanding and connection to the precious stones and the energy they transmit is well reflected in the jewelry. The connection between the past and the present, the connection to the land and the sources, the love of movement and aesthetics, and the direct connection to others, give birth to a completely unique product.

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Roni further explains: ”The works of art we create are not only intended for an audience with means, as I often preached to many artists at the beginning of their journey. There is no greater happiness for an artist than to share with the other the pleasure of creating.”

Roni travels around the world in search of special stones, such as yellow or pink sapphires and a deep blue topaz that bears no resemblance to its familiar light color. "I love stones," she testifies. According to her, she sees a stone and immediately knows what jewelry she will make of it.



Living between the fast-paced, extroverted, metropolitan cultures of Tel-Aviv and New York

Roni found her passion expressing her artistry through the design and craft of her unique jewelry. While serving customers all around the world, she brings her jewelry to life in her studio in Tel-Aviv, pouring her heart and soul into each and every piece. She loves gold in all its colors, diamonds and precious stones, but most of all loves what she does. Roni is an artist and a creator, and she consistently shows that any dream can be made a reality through her jewelry.